Eversheds Boardroom

Boardroom Exploits Latest Technology to Simplify Operation and Improve Collaboration
London, UK

International Lawyers, Eversheds, have a new boardroom at their UK Headquarters in the City of London. Interior design was by Action Workspace while Electrosonic provided audio-visual design and integration. The new boardroom was originally a large meeting room with modest AV. It is now an ultra-modern, state-of-the art collaboration zone. With seating for up to 21 people, it caters for both formal presentations and multi-participant events. The new boardroom has provided Eversheds with a contemporary, versatile and highly functional business environment.

Multiple table microphones ensure clear speech, but also help select the correct camera and lens setting for videoconference images.


  • 98-inch UHD touch-screen display
  • Unobtrusive, automatic audio system with echo cancellation
  • Videoconferencing with hardware and software codec options
  • A cloud hosted virtual meeting room providing multi-point conferencing 


One challenge was the “long, narrow” shape of the room, resulting in potential audio intelligibility and viewing distance problems. Another was “participant connectivity”, catering for both legacy and current connection methods whilst allowing for the Bring Your Own Device culture. Finally, it was important that room control, (including routing of sources etc.), was kept as simple and as intuitive as possible, ensuring participants have the ability to start meetings on time with minimal fuss.

A single UHD (“4K”) C-TOUCH 98-inch LCD provides a high quality image for all participants. It includes “whiteboard” software which allows up to six participants to view and share presentation material and annotate documents wirelessly from the main display or their own devices. Multiple overhead speakers are designed to improve the audio experience within the room and amongst remote participants. All 20 table top microphones can identify the position of the active speaker and instruct the camera to zoom in and out accordingly.

Conferencing equipment includes a Polycom codec, provision for software codecs and a VoIP connection for telephone conferences. Most participant connectivity is wireless using the Kramer “Collage” system.

Electrosonic designed the user friendly control interface presented on both an iPad and a 10-inch LCD.

New collaboration technology allows Eversheds to meet clients and colleagues “in person”, in real time, enhancing business relationships, productivity and efficiency. Eversheds can be certain that all participants will receive a first-class meeting experience, regardless of their device, location or network.


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